CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark Credential

Interactive Solutions, LLC has received the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™, a respected industry credential that signifies its adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction.The Trustmark was developed by CompTIA, the non-profit association for the information technology industry, in collaboration with industry experts and leaders, to identify businesses that have made a commitment to the highest levels of integrity and sustained quality service. Interactive Solutions, LLC is one of the only managed service providers in the state of Louisiana to obtain the respected industry credential CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™, and the only provider in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark Credential

CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark Credential

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CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark

To earn the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark, an organization must agree to a code of conduct, review the documented policies and procedures for the operations, management, finance and services of the business, provide documentation to support the above review, demonstrate the use of automated tools and systems to deliver managed services, and provided 3 customer contacts, verified by CompTIA.

An organization that has earned the Managed Services Trustmark selects up to 3 categories of services offered. The services qualified by their application are represented below.

Managed Services Offered:

  • End User
  • Network
  • Server


Managed IT Services

Managed Services (IT)

The buzz word “Managed Services” has become a common description for many services in information technology. Before managed services, most technology and IT providers delivered their services under a couple of different options; mostly, defined around how you might have paid for the services. Hourly charges or blocks of time were two of the most popular and still might be what is commonly called “Break Fix” providers.

“Break Fix”, is a term used to describe how services are provided under an hourly or sometimes blocks of time setup. Quite simply, when something breaks, you call your provider and they fix it (hopefully). Break-Fix leaves little room for proactive or preventative types of service.

IT needs preventative maintenance, least of which is the countless updates, security patches, and changes made on at least a monthly basis and sometimes even daily or hourly. IT needs monitoring to ensure items are addressed (before if possible) they become BIG issues or cause downtime. Downtime is no fun for anyone and can cost your business lots of money in lost productivity, lost customers, and a damaged business reputation. The mindset of both the customer and service provider change with a managed service arrangement. The service provider wants to do everything possible to protect and prevent downtime or unexpected issues from popping up, and so does the customer. The service provider has the ability to work proactively without receiving monetary approval each time they need to work on an issue. All in all, it is much more productive for both parties.

Most managed services companies provide a core service that centers around a flat fee based on the number of devices (desktops, servers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, etc.). Based on the number, complexity, and serviceability of the devices a managed service provider in many ways acts as a type of insurance provider. The insurance portion can best be described as a partnership.

The partnership is based on the customer relationship that both the customer and the managed service provider want the same thing: customer up time, productivity, and the customer’s business to succeed. The way the service is setup is fundamentally different, with managed services having the advantage of a more effective outcome for both the customer and service provider.

Some managed service providers include services bundled together to bring the best services and solutions for the customer. Common equipment that can go without updates or attention can become the greatest risk for a business. Providing monitoring and proactive services with unlimited support to customers allows them to focus their efforts on the business instead of being lost in the weeds of technology.

Having the same goals and objectives enables the managed service provider to focus on reducing downtime, increasing productivity, and helping the customer succeed. It can be quite the reverse of the Break-Fix model.  Also, customers become a higher priority to service providers and receive preferential treatment over one time break fix calls from customers that might not call for a while.

Interactive Solutions, LLC is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and exclusively provides managed services due to its many benefits and change of mentality for both the customer and service provider. We want to be your managed service partner. Please click here to find out more about our services.


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